Brazil jaguar

Brazil - not only ‘for the birds’

Nov 2, 2015

By Noel Balmoral recently returned from Brazil

I am no ‘twitcher’ but almost two thirds of my Brazil photographs were of birds (many of which I cannot name - beautiful as they were). As well there were amazing landscapes, particularly at Iguassu, and the non-avian wildlife which I share in this account.

We waited patiently, and were rewarded by jaguars, seen from the safety of a river boat at fairly close range. We watched giant river otters grooming, playing, and briefly showing their displeasure at our invasion of their privacy. Agouti and marmosets scampered about the forest, and marsh deer were spotted in the marshes (of course) by the roadside. In every water hole and swamp we saw at first only water hyacinths then shockingly were able to pick out dozens of caimans lurking hopefully. Despite warnings from our guide we saw no snakes while walking, but from the safari truck observed a curious standoff between a 3 m long yellow-tailed cribo and nearby birds. A pair of friendly black and white tegu approached our al fresco lunches. We were told of a recent collapse in the capybara population, but everywhere we saw these likeable creatures resting or ambling around the water edges.

OK - one bird picture - a black vulture riding a caiman corpse down the Cuiaba river. This and other relevant photographs are at