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Special Interests

Wildflowers and Gardens

These walking holidays are perfect for flower enthusiasts eager to explore nature's artistry up close. Journey to the exotic landscapes of La Réunion to marvel at lush tropical flowers, or wander through the aromatic orchids of Istria. Ideal for those seeking to combine leisurely walks with floral discovery.

Opera, Classical Music & Ballet

Journey to some of the world's most iconic venues and hidden gems, from the historic opera houses of Europe to intimate recital settings. These cultural walking holidays invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of timeless performances, enhanced by the backdrop of stunning landscapes and rich historical contexts.

Birdwatching, Whales & Wildlife

 Venture into the heart of nature with our wildlife holidays, featuring extraordinary encounters from the dense rainforests of Costa Rica to the marine-rich waters of the Azores. Experience the thrill of spotting a diverse array of rainforest wildlife, including vibrant birdlife and elusive mammals, and embrace the rare opportunity to watch whales and dolphins during our Azores walking holiday. Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts eager to explore the wonders of land and sea.

Interesting Architecture

Delve into the architectural narratives of the world with tours that traverse the historic streets of Poland, the innovative designs in Panama, and the cultural landmarks of the Canary Islands. From ancient mosques to modernist masterpieces, each destination on our tours unveils its unique blend of history and innovation, inviting you to explore the profound impact of architecture on our global cultural landscape.

Outstanding Food & Wine

Journey through the culinary landscapes of regions renowned for their gastronomic delights, from the rolling vineyards of France to the spice markets of Morocco. Experience the joy of discovering new tastes and the traditions behind them, as you weave through the world's most celebrated food and wine destinations on one of our food and wine walking holidays.


From the ancient allure of mediaeval frescos to the contemporary artistic expressions at the Tate Gallery in St Ives, each of our art and culture walking tours are crafted to provide insights into the world's artistic heritage. Join us for a journey that paints a perfect picture of past and present.

City Breaks

Our curated city break walking holidays are designed to blend cultural immersion with musical enrichment. Experience the vibrant Bergen Music Festival and the spectacular Bregenz Festival, set against the backdrop of Europe’s most picturesque urban landscapes. Perfect for those who wish to savour the best in music and metropolitan charm.