Panama Red-legged Honeycreeper

Hot and Steamy Panama

Mar 13, 2024

By Kudu guest J. Bridson

Photo above: Red-legged Honeycreeper

Hot and steamy - Panama - not the dinner conversations of course!

With such a climate not surprising then that the landscapes, flora, and fauna were dramatic and incredibly photogenic. Many may overlook Panama because of the association with ship traffic (1.5M pounds per one way trip for a large container carrier), but I’m glad I didn’t!

The food was good and varied as it should be for the crossroads of the Americas. Panamanian coffee and rum were exceptional. And for those with an eye
for architecture, modern Panama City has a skyscraping profile while the old city is a maze of narrow streets lined by attractive older buildings.

My camera was always in use, both in the city and the countryside - pictures at

Next Kudu trip to Panama will run 2nd - 14th February 2025