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Uzbekistan, Exploring along the Silk Road

Oct 27, 2014

Frances Fedden, recently back from Uzbekistan, Exploring along the Silk Road

Recently back from Uzbekistan, I’m dreaming of all the blue domes and soaring minarets – walking through the Shah-I Zinda, an alley of richly tiled tombs, bathed in late afternoon light was simply fantastic. Registan Square in Samarkand with local brides parading about, dressed in their amazing white confections was glorious and unexpected. How I loved the markets! Piles of pomegranates and the fabled Uzbek melons, I don’t think I have ever seen before such enormous melons. You can stop by a roadside stall and just try a slice.

Reflecting on our journey, perhaps one of the most memorable moments was being invited to tea at a farm in the Fergana Valley. We sat on 'karavod' the low, be-cushioned beds, under trellises of grapes. Green tea, home-made bread, almonds and grapes were offered and then we decided to take a stroll in the village – as we walked by a stream lined with pollarded mulberry trees, we gathered about us more and more friendly villagers along the way, eager to talk to us, open and inquisitive.

When I got back home, an array of goods bought in Bukhara burst from my suitcase – glorious lengths of Uzbek silk, subtle coloured scarves, delicately painted miniature paintings of birds and hand-carved wooden chopping boards. Shopping heaven!