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NEW itinerary launch - Walking in Patagonia

Dec 24, 2023

Walking in Argentine Patagonia:
from Buenos Aires to the End of the World

17th November - 3rd December 2024

Atlantis; Avalon; Erewhon and Ruritania: all make believe nations with their own associations and dreams. Was Patagonia to be the same: perhaps real, though unobtainable. When we mentioned our destination, people nodded sagely before the more inquisitive and honest asked “and where exactly is that?” Ah yes: where exactly?

Patagonia is a region covering 1,043,076 sq. kilometres (for the imperially challenged, that is 402,734 square miles). That is roughly 8 times larger than England and 1.5 times the size of Texas. It covers two countries – Chile and Argentina – and encompasses vast steppes; glaciers; deserts; icebergs; fjords; rainforests and two oceans not to mention, arguably, the Land of Fire, Tierra del Fuego. They can’t even pin down the derivation of the designation, some ascribing the name to the size of the natives’ feet, others referring to a character in a 1512 play.

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