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We welcome contributions to the Kudu Travel Blog - please do send in your contributions and photos when you return from your travels with Kudu and we will be happy to offer a bottle of champagne or a £40 book voucher for each one published online.

Stunning sights of Georgia

Sep 17, 2020

Read about Kudu's trip to Georgia in an article written by David Kenny for the Tindle Newspapers Wales and Borders.   Ne...
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Bieszczady – the Park that nearly wasn’t

Jul 25, 2020

First how do say it? B-S-shah-dy is as close as I could get but, for certainty, Google will provide any number of genuine versions. At the end of World War II, while Britain struggled with returning...
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Kudu guests’ travel memories

Apr 23, 2020

We invited Kudu guests to share their travel memories and are pleased to bring you some of them here. £120 is going to charities as a result. Ann Fulton is a regular Kudu and her photo of Tere...
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Ethiopian Pathways

Feb 8, 2020

For the individual traveller, we have established a joint venture, Ethiopian Pathways, with one of our great guides, Temesgen Kenno, who will accompany you on one of our suggested itineraries or tailo...
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A Week in Orkney by Ruth Hackney

Nov 25, 2019

By Ruth Hackney “When I was growing up I thought it was normal to have boxes of bones under the stairs” says Kathleen wryly, as she delicately handles the skull of one of our Neolithic &l...
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