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The Kyrgyz Republic

Jul 17, 2024

The Kyrgyz RepublicAnd some have independence thrust upon them With apologies for the misuse of Malvolio’s self-deluding quotation, it is a comparison I could not resist. After one month in the...
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The Home Field

May 29, 2024

It is said that you never know your own town and it is certainly true that we learnt more about London during Covid than we had experienced before. But is the same true about the Czech Republic whose...
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An Istrian Idyll

May 23, 2024

By David Owen It always surprises me when people, while nodding sagely, ask: where exactly is Istria? Yet. I am a little glad that more travellers have not discovered this pearl hanging from the ear...
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Bulgaria: Simple twist of fate

Apr 15, 2024

Simple twist of fate By David Owen Another great poem from Mr Zimmerman as featured on his 15th studio album, Blood on the Tracks, may seem an odd choice for this adumbration (isn’t ‘blo...
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