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We welcome contributions to the Kudu Travel Blog - please do send in your contributions and photos when you return from your travels with Kudu and we will be happy to offer a bottle of champagne or a £40 book voucher for each one published online.

NEW itinerary launch - Walking in Patagonia

Dec 24, 2023

Walking in Argentine Patagonia: from Buenos Aires to the End of the World 17th November - 3rd December 2024 Atlantis; Avalon; Erewhon and Ruritania:...
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NEW tour launch - Walking on Corsica

Nov 14, 2022

Walking on Corsica We have been asked frequently if we could create a truly Kudu tour in Corsica. Our original plan was to undertake the research in April 2020 but something got in the way. So, fast...
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